Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Separation of Church and State Round 1

And now off we go to the races!

I live in central Oklahoma and there is a serious yet stupid controversy centered around the issue of separation of Church and State that has found its way onto the national news scene. I'm sure that the vast majority of you have heard about it. It is after all old news by this time, but nonetheless relevant from now until the end of time.

There is a monument outside the Oklahoma State Capitol building that has been there since 2012. It is a symbol which has been the cornerstone of which the United States of America was built upon. It is a concept in which our very laws are based upon. It is the very essence of everything that is good, noble and moral in this entire world. It is a monument of the Ten Commandments!

The ACLU, in its infinite wisdom, has filed a lawsuit against the state on behalf of satan's ilk who have inserted themselves into all walks of life these days asserting that it violates the separation of Church and State issue. So these Godless satanic cults now want to erect a satanic monument to stand beside the Ten Commandments monument. I will go into my feelings about the satanic culture at some later date. For now, I will focus on the issue at hand.

The way I see it is things have really gotten out of hand with this separation of Church and State issue. Here's the deal people! The United States was founded by God fearing people. When the Constitution was penned and the issue of the separation of Church and State was addressed, they were referring to God's Church! And the Christian religion! That's right people the forefathers who founded this country and stole it from the Native Americans were God fearing Christians!

Now that sounds pretty messed up these Christian people stealing the country from the natives, but I refer you to God's word where he had his chosen people kill entire bands of people and take their lands from them or even when he had another nation attack and enslave his chosen people. I'm not meaning to imply that God ordained this to happen. It was just the greed of the Europeans of the time that forged this country into the great nation it has become.

Back on point; The United States is a Christian country, founded upon Christian principles whose laws are based upon the Ten Commandments! Those of other faiths are more than welcome to live here and practice their own faith so long as it doesn't interfere with our basic principles. But once we start allowing outside faiths and what's much worse... satanists to dictate to us, it leaves every God fearing man, woman and child in this country open and vulnerable to attack from the powers and principalities of evil! And whether or not you want to believe it, these forces are steadily at work. They have been at work since long before man first walked this earth. And they shall be until our Savior delivers us from them! Make no mistake! The worst form of evil is that which is emulating good. That is to say, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing!

Worry not so much about the ignorant people playing at satanism, but worry more about the truly evil ones which you can not discern. This is where you need to turn to the Lord and pray for the power of discernment. For only through this power will you be able to recognize evil in its many forms. It sneaks up on you in the form of friends having a good time. It saturates your mind in the form of entertainment designed to twist your mind into thinking that God is nothing more than a character in a book and that the book is no more than a story told to children to make them behave. OH PEOPLE! Just wait! I have only just begun to open up a HUGE can of worms! This is barely scratching the surface of the journey I plan to take you on. Don't sweat my grammar! And don't try to pick my story apart for other reasons. Just take the point I'm making. I know when I end a sentence with a preposition. I also know I'm not the most intelligent person, and that I'm not the best writer and will tend to get things messed up a bit. And I could care less. I have much, much bigger fish to fry! So focus on the points I'm making whether you agree with me or not. That is why this blog is open to comments and other perspectives. I shall also invite other bloggers whose views parallel mine as well as those who clash with mine to post here from time to time. I take responsibility for my own words and will expect any guest bloggers to do the same.

Thank you for bearing with me, and hang around to see where this leads.



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  2. The American judicial system and our code of laws are not based on the Ten Commandments. The majority of the Commandments don't even apply in law. God being the only god, the building of idols, taking the lord's name in vain, keeping Sundays holy, adultery, and not coveting your neighbor's possessions. None of those are against the law. Further, no society could function with murder being legal obviously, and theft being legal would lead to chaos. It doesn't take a genius or a divine creator to figure those two rules of thumb out. And there are no REAL godless Satanic cults, it was a group that was mocking this whole charade.

  3. I entirely disagree. God's Word was and pretty much still is the law of Israel and was adopted my many other countries through the spread of Christianity. Over time many of God's laws have been weeded out of society. And look where that has gotten us.

    The vast majority of our forefathers in the US were Protestants who wanted to split from the Church of England and worship their own way. And the laws the US Colonies adopted WERE based upon Biblical statutes.

    And the Ten Commandments is only the major laws God laid down for his people. The Bible is full of other laws and life guides if they were followed would make for a much better world.

    Love your neighbor and your enemy. FORGIVE and you shall be forgiven. If a man lays with another man as he lays with a woman it is an abomination to God. If nothing else, the Bible is the GREATEST lifestyle guide EVER written!

    1. Some Muslim countries try to use their holy book as the basis for laws and it is horrifying, especially for women. The Bible itself is full of asinine laws and codes for living that would be absurd to enforce in the US and which would totally violate the Constitution. So no I don't think stoning people for working on the Sabbath leads to a better society, as the Bible commands.
      "Look at where it has gotten us?' It has gotten us the freedom of black slaves, the right to vote for women, and countless other good things. I'm sure two Romans sat around in 25 BC talking about how the world was going all the hell cause people were worshiping Neptune too much instead of Jupiter.
      The Ten Commandments are fairly, fairly innocuous but a lot of the laws laid down in the chapters following are completely ridiculous, I don't understand this persecution complex you Christians have in the United States.

  4. And did you really just justify the genocide and forced relocation of the American Indians completely offhandedly. You really think that the Europeans were God's chosen people and it was ok to commit genocide against American Indians? 'It was just the greed of the Europeans of the time that forged this country into the great nation it has become.' Seriously? You screech about immorality incessantly but you totally dismiss and basically justify the murder, rape, and near destruction of an entire race of people as if it was no big deal, just a bump in the road. Were I an American Indian and that actually was God's plan then I think I'd have every right to say fuck God and his sick plan. Sarcasm coming: Oh, thank God for the greed of the Europeans so that we can have this glorious country that God himself blessed but that is so weak and so morally decayed that the end times are right around the corner. Sarcasm over. I really don't understand this anger and paranoia that you fundamentalists Christians and right wingers have latched onto.

  5. Wow I can't believe your ignorance regarding God's chosen people. The sheer fact that you refer to the Europeans as God's chosen people and say that I somehow justified the genocide and forced relocation of the American People and the fact that you refer to them as Indians just goes toward completely discrediting anything else you have to say!

    You are obviously a very lonely man with absolutely nothing better to do than to ATTEMPT to argue your "point"! Just what exactly is your point by the way? Is it just that you subscribe to the degenerate masses otherwise know as satan's ilk? I think it's about time some one stood up for Christianity! there are enough people out there bashing them! AND there are too many SO-CALLED Christians out there giving the true people of God a bad name.

    You have a few valid points but your overall argument is ridiculous. You are trying to put word into my content that were never there. Which makes your entire argument completely invalid!

    Come again when you have had a few less scotches.


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